In The Mood
The Team

Sunday, 1st Jul 2018

The Team: A song, dedicated to beautiful legs:)



"Scent Of Strawberries"
Alberto, Thomas

Saturday, 30th Jun 2018

Alberto: Amazing video, sensual, elegant, erotic. I love your lips so close to receive  pleasure.   

Thomas: Sure, this video is also nice. I was waiting to see another, thinking that probably it can not be more seducing that the first one, but I was wrong. There was kind of a tension, and an expectation, what will those feet do at the end.

Delight In Light
Thomas, The Team

Thursday, 21st Jun 2018

Thomas:Hello Team! I just watched "Delight in Light" ...Then, I watched it again... and I must say it is a really sexy viedo.  Nice atmosphere, bathtub, foam, beautiful legs, nice feet that plays with the chandelier and the sponge. And really...I could not decide which moment was the most seducing - when the foam went between the toes or when the legs were spreading in the tub or when they were touching the chandelier :). Anyway, I enjoyed it and I wonder if there will be another video in the thub, I liked the feet covered in foam?

The Team: Hello THomas, we are happy that you enjoyed this video. There is another video in the tub, but with champagne and strawberries. Expect it soon and if you like the view of wet bare feet, then check the videos “Happy Feet” and “Rain”, in you haven’t seen them so far

The Heels and The Piano - New Video Release
The Team

Saturday, 16th Jun 2018

The Team: For those of you who finds the feet in high heels really sexy and irresistible, there is a new video release "The Heels and The Piano". In this video, feet appear with different high heels and play with the piano in different ways

Two Girls Feet Video

Thursday, 14th Jun 2018

Alberto: Hello team, I would like to watch a girl - girl seduction feet show. Is it possible? Thank you.

The Team: Hello Alberto, we are also thinking on the idea about two girls and in some of the next videos we will do it.

Alberto: :) hope in some very sexy


Tuesday, 12th Jun 2018

Alberto: Hello team I'm very pleased to meet this new project. I know your touch and this unmistakable eroticism. Only one woman got it. I'm very happy My wish is a focus on mouth, I loved the red rose video. Thank you 

The Team: Hello, Alberto. We are happy that you liked the video. If you enjoy mouth close ups, there is another video in which you will find lips: DANGLING WINE - elegant legs in fishnet, dangling heels and in the end - lips, drinking from a glass.


New Video Petals Touch
The Team

Sunday, 10th Jun 2018

The Team: You can watch PETALS TOUCH. The latest video we uploaded. A video with variety of ways to touch a piano. The feet are playing with the piano keys and the falling petals. They cover the feet, they get lost under the soles...The idea about tearing the rose apart with lips, actually came spontaneously during the shooting process, when some of the team said as a joke: "now, eat the rose"... And we can say now it is sexy and passionate video.

Future ideas

Friday, 8th Jun 2018

Dave: I would love to see future videos with models wearing pantyhose as well as stockings and suspenders. Whilst I realize the primary focus of this website is feet and legs to broaden the attraction and heighten the level of eroticism it would be great if the models were naked sometimes e.g. models in pantyhose but not wearing underwear. I think videos like these could still be made in your artistic and stylish ways. Also at some point are you considering broadcasting live shows ? Best wishes 

The Team: Thank you Dave, that you shared what you want to see in our future videos. The women's legs looks really sexy in stockings and suspenders. This is good suggestion for some of the next videos. Feet model without underwear, only in pantyhose, can also be shown aesthetic, the way it corresponds to our style. But, in order to have elegant video with smart story, without being rude and intentionally, we have to work on it. We are not planning live shows. Post production is a major part of the work on our videos and  exactly this is what makes them unique and different.

New Video Rain

Wednesday, 6th Jun 2018

Patric: I really liked you videos, but so far my favorite is RAIN - the latest video you released.  The view of beautiful legs, moving elegant under the rain. The feet and soles tickled by the drops, the feet spreading the water away... I must say that this is  really nice. I am looking forward the next video.

To Pay Or Not To Pay
Max, The Team

Wednesday, 30th May 2018

Max: If I have to be honest, for foot fetish videos I pay really seldom, except when I really got impressed. According to me, the main problem is that the videos are the same, the only thing that changes are the feet, the sweet female feet. For me, extremely exciting are the soft soles and the long toes. Anyway, after the hundreds of videos in which different feet and toes are doing the same thing over and over, it gets boring to me. That's why I am happy to see that your site is made with style and imagination and offers something different. There are images for many tastes - feet in stockings, heels, barefeet... That is why I payed. As I understood from a post below, you can also create a video by viewers' ideas, right? If i want, can I also write a script by my idea? It will be really great if together with you, I can create a video by my own idea and scenario. And if yes, how much is going to cost?

The Team: Hello, Max. Thank you for the nice words. We give our best to offer a different point of view to the beauty of the female feet. We can create videos by viewers' ideas. The ideas from you are welcome, that's why this forum is not only for discussions, but also for ideas. You can participate with suggestions in each step of the process - with the choice of the feet type, the story of the video, production and post production process, text creation... in everything what you find interesting. You can post your idea in the forum or send us e-mail, whatever is easy for you.

New Article About Us
The Team

Wednesday, 30th May 2018

Our new friend The Feet Hunter wrote really nice article in his blog, about us and foot admirers in general. The title is "ARTISTIC FOOT FETISH". We are thankful about the nice words, exact evaluation and analysis.

Links In Our Site
The Team

Monday, 28th May 2018

Because our friends are becoming more, we have just created a separate page in our site, where you can see links and banners. If you want to know who they are, go to LINKS section.

Is Foot Fetish A Porn Category
Allan, Chris

Friday, 25th May 2018

Allan: Does foot fetish needs to be a porn category? What if I want to admire feet and legs and I do not want to see explicit images? If I google “foot fetish sites” or videos most of the sites that appear on the first two pages will be porn sites. Why? Is there a specific need feet and legs to be accompanied by pussies on doggy style and explicit pornographic situations. What if I want to see women's legs and feet without someone's penis included in the picture? Please tell me your opinion. May be I am wrong. It is a good discussion about the nature of the foot fetish and the admiration of women's legs and feet.

Chris: Allan, for me this is always something to do with the sexual satisfaction after all. Either you admire a girl which feet you adore, or you just recognize the feet as the most sensual and exciting part of women’s body that you need to touch, kiss...etc. I also enjoy to know whose feet I watch, but what i saw here, in the site, just pushed my fantasies to the limits. I could imagine whoever. Simply, I felt free to fantasize and that’s all great.
What i really think on your matter is that it is not always necessary to see pussy or the dick between the feet. or not even a face. The situation is everything.

New Video Coming Soon
The Team

Sunday, 20th May 2018

New video "Rain" is soon to be uploaded. This is a video, for all of you who admire bare feet walking, playing and dancing in the water.

New video "Life On Mars"
The Team

Sunday, 20th May 2018

There is a new video uploaded to our FOOT VIDEOS section. Inspired by an emblemaitc song and also an emblematic space launch earlier this year, we present to you our latest video Life On Mars. We should admit that we were also surprised by the final result, because at the beginning we weren't sure ourselves that playing a piano with feet is possible, but the pianist proved us wrong. For performing this song, she was preparing for a week. This is a Foot EXTRAVAGANZA interpretation of the launch.